Process flow

1. Setup, tooling, CAM processing

  • CAM station consist of powerful PC, running Pentalogix CAMMaster, GerbMagic, Eagle and other software. Customer files are converted (if necessary) to Gerber RS-274X format.
  • Boards are panelized, tooling information is added, everyting is checked for compliance with design rules (DRC). 
  • Files are exported to working formats. PDF files are used to print photo-tool film, Excellon files for CNC drilling and routing machines, EMMA files for  flying probe tester.

2. Mechanical panel preparation

  • Base laminate FR4, as well as entry  and backup sheets for drilling stacks, are cut  accordingly to panel size, using electrically driven guilotine.

3. Drilling

  • Stacks for drilling machine are formed, consisting of entry aluminium foil sheet, 2 or 3 panels and backup melamine sheet. Base reference holes are drilled and pins are inserted on two spindle WESSEL driller/pinner machine.
  • Drilling, 2-spindle LENZ GX-460-2 CNC machine, 2-spindle WESSEL LBA-2 CNC machine
  • Brushing, washing, drying, WESSERO U-600

4. Plating Through Hole (PTH)

  • Desmear
  • Black Hole (BH) hole plating, drying, RMTMTI custom made chemical line 
  • Chemical Cleaning,  FSL-22
  • Drying

5. Photo Imaging

  • Application of photosensitive resist, DUPONT HR-24 laminator
  • Pattern exposure, ORC-HMW201 or DUPONT/RISTON PC-24 printer
  • Photoresist development, RAELEMATIC CD-400 developer
  • Drying

6. Galvanic pattern plating

  • Degrease, microetch
  • Plating conductive copper in the holes, RMTMTI custom made plating line
  • Tin plating, as protective etch resist , RMTMTI custom made plating line
  • Washing, drying

7. Strip-Etch-Strip (SES)

  • Strip photo resist
  • Etch unprotected copper, FSL-22
  • Strip tin resist, FSL-22
  • Washing, drying

8. Soldermask Liquid Photo Imaging (LPI)

  • Application of LPI soldermask, ARGON HYDRA printing machine
  • Pre-drying in convection oven
  • Pattern exposure, ORC HMW-201
  • Soldermask development, RESCO developer
  • Drying
  • Final curing in convection oven

9a. Surface final finish (HASL) 

  • Microetch, RAELEMATIC CD-400
  • Fluxing, LANTRONIC
  • Hot Air Leveling with lead-free aloy, LANTRONIC 204S
  • Post-HAL cleaning, drying, HIBASS

9b. Immersion silver AlphaStar (alternative)

  • Immersion silver AlphaStar process, WALTER LEMMEN COMPACTA
  • Drying

10. Component Legend Print

  • Silkscreen frame preparation with CAPILLEX
  • Frame exposure
  • Legend application, ARGON printing machine
  • Drying in convection oven

11. Electrical testing

  • Testing with flying probe tester, MICROCRAFT EMMA ELX-6146
  • Repairing faults on REPAIR STATION

12. Routing/V-scoring

  • Routing to contour, LENZ FMG-650-2, 2-spindel CNC routing machine
  • V-Scoring with jump capability, LOEHR & HERMANN LH-303 scoring machine
  • Final wash, drying
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